Marketing Strategies for Difficult Properties

Are you holding on to a property that you just can’t get rid of? You don’t want it just sitting in your inventory waiting for someone to come and grab it. Traditional marketing is clearly not going to work as you have been unable to grab any attention thus far. Before taking any steps, you must first identify your target market. That will ensure that your message is getting into the correct hands. With that being said, what are the best ways to grab your buyers’ attention for such a difficult property?

Blog Sites

While you may have already gone down this road, blog sites are important in real estate. It allows you provide a more involved description of the property and show a passion for it, giving credibility to you as a broker. This will not only work for difficult properties but help build your brand. When someone is looking for property, you already have a wealth of knowledge built up that is published online putting you one step ahead of the rest. Customers don’t have to question your abilities.

YouTube Tours

You may have struggled to get prospects to come out to the site so why not bring it to them. Use a high-quality camera and pair it with some attractive music or even an agent as way to spark their interest. You may receive some calls later on asking for more information.

Graphic Art

Hire a graphic artist to better display what the property can provide. Yes, simple pictures may be able to do the trick but you’re here because those don’t work. Maybe incorporate humor, inviting colors, etc. Be more personable in your approach.

Facebook Advertising

Have a salon that you have yet to rent out? Facebook is an amazing resource for connecting with others. Post on your timeline. Join groups for haircare stylists around the city to get the word out. 1.3 billion people actively use the site so you would have a large reach if you use it correctly. It’s informal and effective because the message will surely be received.


No matter how you approach it, don’t go about it expecting to fail. Not everything is going to work but be persistent. If you have experience in the field, a close is in your future.