How to Lose Your Customer Before You Even Know Them


You’re walking down the street and see a For Sale sign in the window of an empty store front. The dusty sign is falling off the window but you can read it. You’re familiar because of their common usage on things like car windows, most likely because of their ease of accessibility. You keep walking because it doesn’t seem like anything special. Nothing seemed to catch the eye. So, let us ask ourselves; why is something so basic so important?

First Impressions are Everything 

While this may seem basic, it’s the first line of defense for a company. When a sign is seen to be hanging off the window, it hints at the fact that no one has visited the store in a while. Either there is no demand for the space or the brokerage firm is not running a great operation. Whichever way it goes, that’s never a thought which should cross your customers mind – all because of a store front sign.

Stand Out from the Competition 

While that may not be enough to turn someone away, the sign is not unique. It doesn’t show how they are different from the opposition. Nothing about a store-bought sign will turn heads. Potential customers need to be wowed before doing business. It’s the first interview for commercial real estate businesses. We spend so much time on our marketing campaigns that we forget the broader picture. Brochures, social media, cold calling, and email blasts are the only ways to reach a target audience. Sometimes the customer needs to come to you.

Low Cost, High Returns 

Purchasing professional signs that are unique to the brand may be an initial expense but they can be used over and over. Customers may not purchase initially but they will know your name. You build brand recognition without having to do much and on a large scale. Professionalism is everything so when making a large purchase, companies want to feel they are being taken care of by a reputable organization. When just a phone number is written on the bottom of a flimsy sign, it doesn’t give a great impression. Alternatively, if you have a quality sign representing your firm but it’s not taken care of, that’s even worse for your brand than a general sign. Make the initial investment to avoid the issue.


Commercial real estate is an involved business starting on a very basic level. There are several factors that must be taken in to account to keep brand recognition. Even if you’re not on social media, it’s all in the small details. If you build it, they will come.