Why You Still Need Your Broker

When you are ready to move into a business facility, the realization of a relatively high price is already understood. It may cross your mind forego a broker to cut costs. Flying solo may ideally save money but could end up being more of a financial burden in the end. Below are a few reasons why you should a broker is the best decision when searching for a new facility.

Knowledge Base

Unless you are a broker trying to move into a new office, most likely your knowledge base of real estate is limited. These people are licensed and are familiar with contracts, zoning laws, and even the most convenient locations for your business. Without them, that research would have to be done on your own.

With their experience, they know how to act as a middle man. If you want to communicate something to the owner of the owner such as, “I don’t like your and green striped walls”, they can say it in a way that’s not hurtful but gets the message across.


Upon signing that contract, your real estate agent is legally unable to lie to you. As they are licensed professionals, they are forced to look out for your best interest and not their own. You don’t have to worry if they will take advantage of your ignorance so you can sit back and let them work their magic.


While your broker is out there negotiating, you can keep you what you do best- running your business. Time is money and money is time. If you are busy trying to understand the real estate world while also trying to run your business, you are allotting yourself less time to do what matters most.

Economically It Just Makes Sense

With everything in mind, agents save you money. They understand the market and are experienced in the art of negotiating. They know what lots and locations work best for your needs so you are less likely to get fooled by sellers wanting to make an easy sell.

Brokers can also help give you advice on if leasing or purchasing would be best for your current situation. Sometimes you need an expert opinion and these agents deal with customers like you all the time. They have seen the successes and failures before so they know how to point you in the right direction to avoid you making someone else’s mistake.


Overall, your broker is here to help. Forgoing a broker is like not using your GPS when going on vacation because it will use up your data. You will end up making wrong turns and using up more gas in the end, thus wasting more gas and time than you would have if the navigation system was used. Take the advice and don’t jump into the water alone.