Bankruptcy & Receiverships

Jeff Eisenberg & Associates has extensive experience working closely with receivers, trustees, investors, and other creditors to assist troubled property in managing and marketing. Our goal is to preserve the value of the underlying assets.

In order to cut your losses, we have developed a program of first identifying the issues, evaluating alternatives, and then helping you determine how to proceed quickly and practically. We will work in conjunction with the accounting, legal, bankruptcy courts, and receiverships.

We have the capability to manage and market your property.  We are the type of brokers who approach each troubled property situation by first neutralizing the failed property and then developing a direction for recovery and marketing the property.  Our objective is to help avoid pitfalls inherent in a bankruptcy or receivership proceedings, Jeff Eisenberg & Associates can help make the best of a bad situation.

Averting Losses in a Rapidly Changing Situation

  • Action Plan & Marketing Plan
  • Lease Audits – Quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing and prospective leases
  • Property Management & Construction Management
  • Identifying the expenses and income of a property to determine its net profit and the strengths and weaknesses of the investment
  • Monthly or semi-monthly court reports to protect the erosion of assets
  • Investment Summary Packages, which clearly outline the financial aspects of the property in question.
  • Credit Checks – The Banks that help support the purchase of the property.

Jeff Eisenberg & Associates has the contacts, expertise and tools necessary to assist you through these complicated and difficult procedures.

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