Owner & Buyer Representation

Jeff Eisenberg & Associates has the proven experience and success in marketing and acquiring many types of retail and commercial properties.  We understand all components of real estate assets and clearly identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities unique to each property.  We continually research local and national markets and conditions, so we can view that property in context. Our goal is to maximize your property value, whether you are a landlord and/or owner of commercial property.

Analyzing the Market

We have developed a “Performance Program”, based on a market survey that we conduct within the first 90 days of our engagement.

To seek out the correct tenant for your specific property, we must gain a wide and deep knowledge of the marketplace and its potential for sales growth. We consider appropriate types of retailers or users, and then use marketing skills and tools to attract the correct tenants.

After our thorough analysis and fact-finding, we systematically develop attractive sales tools that showcase the opportunities for your property in its specific market. We build relationships with potential tenants, brainstorm with them and conduct one-on-one tours of your property. We create in depth brochures that describe your property, demographic data and sales potential. We continue to contact prospects via a quarterly communications plan that includes letters, postcards and phone calls. We reiterate the strengths of your property and show them how its specs will build business and drive profits.