Jeff Eisenberg & Associates offers a Property Management program for Owners & Landlords who may not have either the time or expertise to make sure their property is being maintained, both to attract new tenants and businesses, and also to fit required codes and guidelines.

The foundation for our Property Management Program is plan for the future, to anticipate property conditions, to prevent problems and issues, to maximize appreciation, to increase income and value, while minimizing expenses.

Our Property Management program includes:

  • Creating an Action Plan to analyze & plan the best approach for keeping your property running efficiently, maximizing your time, and adding to the value of the site
  • Lease Audit
  • Outlining a Budget to plan and prepare for the costs & expenses associated with owning the property
  • Construction
  • Property Review to give you confidence that your property is consistently being evaluated and maintained
  • Credit Checks on current & potential tenants to ensure your property is in the right hands
  • Recommendations for the best practices, cost control and quality improvements.
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Systems
  • Energy Management
  • OSHA audits

Our team is equipped with the contacts and experience to guarantee your property is going to be taken care of and maintained.